FSB Holiday Appeal — Every donation helps!

Please consider making a tax-deductible end of year contribution to FSB!  Learn more on our DONATE page.  Thank you!

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FSB succeeds because our community generously gives both time and money!  

IMG_0265Where the time goes:

Volunteers organized by FSB have assisted with many STEM-related projects this year!

  • Assisted teachers with locating and writing grants;
  • Science Fair project brainstorming and mentoring;
  • Assisted with the Hour of Code event last December (and coming again soon!);
  • Participated in workshops on science education, for instance “There’s a Scientist in my Classroom” at WHOI;
  • Organized volunteer sign-ups and CORI desk in Woods Hole;
  • Worked with FPS department heads and curriculum coordinators;
  • Surveyed K-12 faculty to prioritize FSB efforts.
  • Worked with Falmouth Community Television to develop a great PSA video.
  • Wrote grants for bus trips (funded!) and for an improved FSB website (not  yet funded!).

Check out our VOLUNTEERS page!

Where the money goes:

In addition to individual donations, we’ve received grants and donations in the past year from the Woods Hole Community Foundation, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, Zephyr Education Foundation, and Convention Data Services.

What have we done with these funds?

  • We’ve paid for buses for STEM-related local field trips!
  • We organized the luncheon at the Science Fair, which ties together the morning presentations and the afternoon awards, and gives a chance for judges, teachers and students to mingle after the judging is over.
  • We joined the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce, with a goal of increasing our contacts in the business community.

If you can help, please go to our DONATE page!

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Great Falmouth STEM Video!!!

beachEast Falmouth second grade teacher Elijah Switzer and his class trip to study erosion and weathering resulted in a wonderful video — check it out!!

(Thanks to a grant from the Woods Hole Foundation, FSB was able to help fund this bus trip!)

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Science Fair Brainstorming Sessions

This fall, FSB helped Science Fair Coordinator Mr. Dubuque organize a second Brainstorming Session at Falmouth High School in December.  These are opportunities for students planning a project to sit down with a STEM professional and get guidance, advice, and support.  They seem to be appreciated and enjoyed by all involved!


Rob Reynolds (of Zephyr Education Foundation) brainstorming science fair projects with FHS students



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First REVERSE Science Fair held at Falmouth High School!

Cory Dubuque, FHS teacher and coordinator of the Falmouth Public Schools Science and Engineering Fair, had an idea: Let’s have a reverse science fair after school early in the fall. Here FHS students would have an opportunity to learn about local STEM professionals willing to mentor a student and the professionals’ areas of research (a.k.a. “science projects”).

The Falmouth STEM Boosters sent out the word and are assembling an ever-expanding list of volunteers, some of whose names were included in a presentation to approximately 40 students on October 1 in the FHS library.  Invited professionals included Jim Newman (Woods Hole Marine Systems, Inc.) and Dr. Chris Sherwood (USGS), both FSB board members.  After the presentation, students were asked to fill out a form with their areas of interest and matches are now being made between mentors and students. Additional mentors and students will be added throughout the fall. The Falmouth Science and Engineering Fair is February 27/28 at the FHS.  

Please contact us if you’d like to help out!

Dr. Chris SherwoodJImNewman
Jim NewmanChrisSherwood

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In Woods Hole? Volunteer with VIPS and the Falmouth STEM Boosters!

Monday October 19: WHOI Clark Lobby  11:30 – 1

Tuesday October 20: WHOI Redfield Lobby 11:30 – 1

Stop by our table at lunchtime and spend a moment learning about volunteering in the Falmouth Public Schools with VIPS and the Falmouth STEM Boosters.  Bring your photo ID and fill out a CORI form at the same time and you’ll be ready to go!  

To get a head start, go to Falmouth VIPS. You can print out and fill out the CORI form, but please don’t sign it until you bring your photo ID to the VIPS table.  

Open to all: WHOI, MBL, NOAA, USGS, USCG, or anyone else!

Bring a friend!

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Nancy Kanwisher is a Falmouth High School graduate, and an MIT professor.  She’s got phenomenal videos about how the brain works at http://nancysbraintalks.mit.edu.

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Marjot Foundation funds student science projects!

Are you a high-schooler with an idea for an ambitious environmentally-oriented science fair project that could use a little financial help?  That’s exactly what the Marjot Foundation is about.  They’re right here in Falmouth and have funded several recent FHS projects!  Check it out at http://marjotfoundation.org .  Their deadline is APRIL 1.


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Science Fair!

The 2015 Science Fair is done, and what a great time it was!   In addition to the usual excitement this science fair was something of a coming-out party for the STEM Boosters.  We had our own table with board members present to talk to folks about our programs, and we had a “Coding Corner” with professional programmers showing kids (of all ages) what coding is about.   Thanks to Eliot Glist from Convention Data Services and Gwyneth Packard from WHOI for staffing the Coding Corner!



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A phenomenal opportunity for High School kids over February vacation: Transom Teen Radio Workshop:



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