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In Woods Hole? Volunteer with VIPS and the Falmouth STEM Boosters!

Monday October 19: WHOI Clark Lobby  11:30 – 1

Tuesday October 20: WHOI Redfield Lobby 11:30 – 1

Stop by our table at lunchtime and spend a moment learning about volunteering in the Falmouth Public Schools with VIPS and the Falmouth STEM Boosters.  Bring your photo ID and fill out a CORI form at the same time and you’ll be ready to go!  

To get a head start, go to Falmouth VIPS. You can print out and fill out the CORI form, but please don’t sign it until you bring your photo ID to the VIPS table.  

Open to all: WHOI, MBL, NOAA, USGS, USCG, or anyone else!

Bring a friend!

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