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First REVERSE Science Fair held at Falmouth High School!

Cory Dubuque, FHS teacher and coordinator of the Falmouth Public Schools Science and Engineering Fair, had an idea: Let’s have a reverse science fair after school early in the fall. Here FHS students would have an opportunity to learn about local STEM professionals willing to mentor a student and the professionals’ areas of research (a.k.a. “science projects”).

The Falmouth STEM Boosters sent out the word and are assembling an ever-expanding list of volunteers, some of whose names were included in a presentation to approximately 40 students on October 1 in the FHS library.  Invited professionals included Jim Newman (Woods Hole Marine Systems, Inc.) and Dr. Chris Sherwood (USGS), both FSB board members.  After the presentation, students were asked to fill out a form with their areas of interest and matches are now being made between mentors and students. Additional mentors and students will be added throughout the fall. The Falmouth Science and Engineering Fair is February 27/28 at the FHS.  

Please contact us if you’d like to help out!


Dr. Chris Sherwood

Jim NewmanChrisSherwood

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