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Board Members


Deb Coulombe, President
deb-coulombe-headshot-bug-surDeb is one of the founders of the Falmouth STEM Boosters. She is an ardent fan of the Falmouth Public Schools and has been a devoted school volunteer in her three children’s classes for 15 years. Deb has a background in environmental science, video production and teaching.  She is the author and illustrator of The Seaside Naturalist, published by Simon and Schuster and amazingly still in print.  A revised edition is planned…

Deb is committed to connecting people to resources, especially in the STEM-rich town of Falmouth, and to seeing that everyone has equal access to the incredible opportunities here.  “It is a joy working with our local STEM professionals and our public school students and teachers!”


David Fisichella, Director
David Fisichella headshotDavid is the Group Operations Leader: Operational Scientific Services and the Manager of Shipboard Scientific Services at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. “As someone who hires engineers I see a real need to get students engaged in technical pursuits at a young age, and a strong public school STEM program is one of the best ways to do this.  His daughter is a FPS student.



Jim Newman, Secretaryjim-newman-headshot
Jim Newman is an ocean engineer whose primary focus has been development and deployment of underwater systems, particularly un-manned vehicles, in support of marine science.   Along with operating a consulting business, Woods Hole Marine Systems Inc., Jim is an adjunct professor of Ocean Engineering at the University of Rhode Island, and developed and taught a course on Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) design.

Jim has long been interested in the intersections of engineering and science with K-12 education in the STEM areas. He has been a science fair judge in several different fairs, has mentored individuals and groups interested in ROVs, and is a founding board member and Secretary of the Falmouth STEM Boosters.


Liz Lerner, Director

Liz is an independent producer and videographer in Falmouth who works with many local and state-wide nonprofits. Before that, Liz was the Membership and Outreach Coordinator for Falmouth Community Television where she hosted and produced their bi-weekly current affairs program Falmouth in Focus.  She has two young children (future FPS students) and firmly believes that all Falmouth children should be exposed to the great wealth of STEM resources that we have in town.


Jessica Mark Welch, Director

Jessica is an associate scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory and the parent of a 10th grader and a 7th grader in the Falmouth public schools.  In her job, she tries to understand the communities of bacteria that live in the hjessica mark welch_headshotuman body and in the world’s oceans.  She uses microscopy to learn about the spatial organization of bacterial communities and what the spatial arrangement tells us about how the bacteria interact and how their communities work.
“I am involved with Falmouth STEM Boosters because science is so much fun!  I want to help our public school teachers share that fun and excitement with all their students, and the STEM Boosters is so helpful in finding ways to connect teachers and students with the rich science, math, and engineering resources in Falmouth.”


Christopher Sherwood, Director
Chris Sherwood_headshot
Chris is an an oceanographer at the U.S. Geological Survey studying coastal erosion. His daughters (Sarah, class of 2014, and Rita, class of 2017) have gone through the entire Falmouth School
system and have gotten an excellent STEM background. Chris is a STEM Booster because he wants to support the great teachers in Falmouth and make sure that all families in Falmouth have access to STEM mentors.


Heidi Marotta, Director
heidi_marotta2 headshotHeidi Marotta is an IT Specialist with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Woods Hole. After serving as a member of the Falmouth School Committee, a Falmouth Town Meeting member and as a member of the Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools Board of Advisors it is a natural transition to join the Falmouth STEM Boosters Board to support the students of Falmouth.


Helena McMonagle, Director
Helena graduated from Wellesley College in 2016 with a degree in Biological Sciences. She is interested in science research and science communication, and has worked with students in environmental science outreach programs in Puerto Rico and here in Massachusetts. Her research and teaching interests led her to a senior thesis on ocean plastics, a teaching assistantship at the Marine Biological Laboratory in the Semester in Environmental Science program, and a research assistantship in Neel Aluru’s toxicology lab at WHOI. In the future, she is interested in pursuing biological oceanography research related to fisheries and climate change, and in making outreach an integral part of her career in the sciences.

Helena believes science literacy can be a powerful and positive force in the community, and it starts with making connections among students, teachers, and STEM professionals. She’s also involved because science is fun, and everyone should get the chance to try it!


Bill Roslansky, Director
wfrshot 2
William Roslansky is an architect based in Woods Hole, MA, with more than 30 years experience in design and building. He received his academic training in architecture and mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I am interested in helping students live up to and exercise their full potentials.  I am interested in promoting a life long satisfaction and appreciation for learning new things.”  Bill is a parent of three children in the Falmouth Public Schools.

Alan Jacobs, Treasurer

Alan Jacobs moved to Falmouth over 40 years ago after earning his Masters Degree in Education and taught at Falmouth High School for seven years.  After teaching, Alan began a series of jobs with publishing and technology companies in education.  He traveled extensively across the US and around the world, getting the opportunity to learn the best practices different states and countries employ in educating their youth.  Now, Alan assists couples and families making the difficult life transition of divorce as a private mediator.  He is a former member and Chair of the Falmouth School District’s School Committee and a third-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and teacher at the Seven Stars Academy of Martial Arts.  His son is a student in the Falmouth Public Schools.
“I believe teachers have the greatest impact on students’ education and we need to continue to encourage parents and community members to become involved in our schools through outstanding programs like the Falmouth STEM Boosters.”STEM Boosters




Heather Goldstone, Director

Heather Goldstone is the science editor at WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR Station. She holds a Ph.D. in ocean science from M.I.T. and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and spent a decade as an active researcher before leaving the lab to become a writer.  Her children attend the Falmouth Public Schools and she’s been a dedicated classroom volunteer.

In her nine years with the Cape and Islands NPR Station, Goldstone has reported on Woods Hole’s unique scientific community and key environmental issues on Cape Cod. Her reporting has appeared in venues ranging from NPR and PBS News Hour to The Cape Cod Times and Commercial Fishery News. Most recently, Goldstone hosted the blog Climatide, an exploration of how climate change is impacting coastal life in the region.

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