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Follow oceanographer Katlin Bowman on her journey aboard a Coast Guard ice breaker to the frozen North Pole. Stunning photographs and accessible text tell the story of this science expedition to map the chemistry of the Arctic Ocean. Learn about polar bears, mercury pollution, and life on board a science research vessel. Co-written by local author Liz Saito! Thanks to Liz, a portion of the proceeds of this book will benefit the Falmouth STEM Boosters’ new student science project grant fund.


Ages 6-11, 8.5X11in

For more information and/or to buy a book http://www.healycruisebook.com/buy-book.html

Production of this book was funded by a National Science Foundation grant, as part of the broader outreach component of Seth John and Mak Saito’s proposal for the 2015 Arctic GEOTRACES cruise.

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