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Student Project Grant

Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, students can now apply for a grant to help cover their science/engineering project supplies!

Grant Guidelines:

1. After your project is approved by Mr. Dubuque at FHS or your science teacher at Lawrence, you can submit a grant request via email.

2. Grant requests are generally in the $100 range (although exceptions can be made for larger amounts…ask us) and we encourage smaller requests.

3. Grant requests must be received via email by deb@falmouthSTEMboosters.org by January 31,2018. Send a copy of your request to Mr. Dubuque (FHS) or your Lawrence science teacher, too. Your student school email address will not work to addresses out of the school system so you will need to use another email address or have your teacher forward us the request.

4. Include this information in your email grant request.  It is helpful if you can present the information in a list rather than one big paragraph.

  • Your name, grade, email address
  • Your science project mentor or science teacher
  • Briefly (one sentence) answer each question below:
  • Title: What is your project title?
  • Goal: What do you want to do and why?
  • Site: Where will you do the work?
  • Methods: How will you do the work?
  • Equipment: For which supplies are you requesting funds (be very specific) + where will you purchase the supplies
  • Total amount requested

5. Send your email grant request to deb@falmouthSTEMboosters.org We will let you know via email within three days if your grant request is approved.

6. If it is approved, we will reimburse you for the supplies purchased after your project is complete and you have provided us with the receipts.  Copies of the receipts can be scanned and emailed to us or you can make copies and send them to our mailing address: Falmouth STEM Boosters, PO Box 563, Woods Hole, MA 02543.

7. Any leftover materials purchased should donated to your school if your teacher would find them useful.

Please email deb@falmouthSTEMboosters.org with any questions!

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